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Do you want to dance with me? Part 2

“Oh, why isn’t he here yet…” I was making awkward smiles with everyone as I sat there alone in the corner of the classroom. It was not that I did’t know them; it’s just that I was not familiar with them. I waved to Wei who smiled at me from the other end of the class while making small talk with other group members. I stared down at my finger nails trying to look occupied when Jason appeared at the door with another sulky looking guy close behind him. Somehow, that guy instantly made me feel distasteful. But before I could reach Jason, Wei made an announcement.

“Hi everyone, thanks for coming today. It’s the first time since the school has agreed to let us perform on stage for the welcoming orientation, so I hope that everyone can give their best into this. I’ve come up with several dance steps and combos which I hope will blow their minds off! Guys, we will be doing Korean Pop dances!!”

“Korean Pop?!” That sulky guy stepped forth from behind Jason, obviously unhappy of the turn of events. He looked sluggish with his oversized school uniform, his hair a messy bunch and his face filled with pimples, a total turn off to the ladies. He turned around and faced Jason. “That was not in the agreement…”

Jason was surprisingly calm, I presumed that he was used to these outrages by the sulky guy. “Yea, well, you gotta deal with it then.” He said to him as he smiled sheepishly.

Wei took the opportunity to turn the situation around. “It’s okay Sheng, we can incorporate other dances into the dance routine too, don’t you worry.”

The sulky guy, Sheng, looked again at Jason in defeat and shrugged. Other girls shook their heads in disapproval. The meeting went on and roles were assigned to everyone.
I could tell that this is going to be interesting.

Days flied as dance practices were carried out. Imagine sweat, pain, cramps, soaked cloths, and blood; now mix them all together. Usually after class, we would practice like nobody’s business, remembering dance steps, repeating them over and over again and fine tuning every routine. At night, we would watch YouTube videos to get more inspiration. Life then was a blur of sharp fancy footsteps, graceful twirls and turns, and simple gymnastics. As I dance, something changed in me. I started to enjoy the dance practices, moving in tune with other dancers, making friends and hanging out. I actually looked forward to the practices and I, as hard as it is for me to admit it, was happy.

Three weeks before the welcoming orientation, Wei and Pheyee (one of the dancers) busted into the classroom we were about to have our dance practice in and made an announcement to everyone.
“After some consideration, we have decided to add a BRAND NEW dance routine to our current one! I think you guys are gonna love it!”

A few grunts from the guys and some excited squeals from the girls were heard. My curiosity grew as Pheyee walked towards the laptop and plugged in a pen drive.

“We are going to be doing…” Wei paused as Pheyee played a familiar sounding tract. It was the hit song ‘Nobody but you’ by the Wonder Girls but with a slower but yet intense rhythm, intriguing yet alluring tempo, it almost sounded like a…

“TANGO!” Wei announced gleefully as the projector was switched on. The members from Wonder Girls were moving elegantly in their white glamorous dresses as the male dancers embraced them and held on to them tightly. Then the girls were released to perform a series of fancy dance moves and they were reeled back into the male dancers again. They moved in such unison, such sensuality, such poise, such grace…

Our friends glanced at each other nervously. I would not blame them. I myself was not so sure about the idea of 2 people dancing so closely and intimately, almost as if they were seducing each other. I felt obligated to say something against it. But the idea was so hauntingly beautiful; I could imagine dancing in another man’s hand, the warmth, the protection, the romantic tension lingering around… It was every girl’s dream to be dancing with a gentleman. As the feelings in me got tangled, I looked weakly at my fellow prefect, Jason for help. As if sensing my discomfort, Jason tried to reason with Wei.

“Wei, are you sure this is gonna work? It is already hard enough getting the school’s approval for the dance performance; will this be too much?”

“Jason, I had a vision. I imagine us dancing on the stage, smiling as we wow the audience. The students will be cheering as we finish our dance. Everyone would enjoy the performance so much, and they would say ‘hey, those guys are so amazing! Nobody could dance like that’. That, my dear, would be of the greatest satisfaction to me.” Wei said hopefully as she half looked at the ceiling of our boring old classroom.

“Wei, are you sure? Those dance steps are hard…” Chris, one of our male dancers, said with concern.

“I believe we can do it. I am bored of the usual hip hop dancing with those predictable steps. I hope that we can bring back the old school dancing with a new twist to it. It will be awesome!”

At the mention of that, everybody’s head seemed to be nodding in agreement.

“Besides, this is the last year we will be studying in this school, the last year we will be together and the last year for us to do anything crazy. I would say, let’s aim high, shoot for the stars, and let’s leave this school with a bang!”

A thunder of claps warmed the dingy room. I saw Jason across the room clapping, convinced with enthusiasm. Even Sheng was in a good enough mood to not interfere. That dreaded me more. 

“Thank you everyone, for your support. I will plan out the dance routines with Pheyee and we will start on it as soon as possible. There’s also the issue of dance partners to be dealt with. Because there are 10 girls and 4 boys, I think we will form 4 couples to dance the tango. We welcome suggestions from everyone.” Wei ended her little speech with a confident smile.

 “Jason, don’t you think that this is a bit too much? I mean, dancing is one thing, but dancing the tango? How will the teachers, the prefects and the students look at us when we are wrapped in another’s arms, dancing so intimately with another? We are prefects; we are supposed to uphold a strict and respectable image for the school. I don’t think we can do this.” I felt my face got flushed by warm blood as I stormed into Jason’s classroom the following day.  

“But I thought you liked ballroom dancing, you told me that some time ago. Seriously, I thought you were excited about it.” Jason said coolly.

“Hey guys, what are we talking about?” Sheng was grinning naughtily as he placed his arm on Jason’s shoulder. 

“Why are you here? Oh right, I forgot, you’re in the same class as Jason. Well, it’s nothing. It’s none of your business anyway.” I tried to keep my face straight but it was getting strangely hard with him smiling foolishly at me.

“Fine, I was just nosing around to see if you will be the lucky girl to have me as my dance partner. Apparently not.  Ha ha ha..” Sheng smiled as the nodded one last time to Jason as he left us.

“Wendy, I know you are concern, being the head prefect and all. But I think I am not going to miss out on this chance. I’d like to dance like those Korean guys… If you are not comfortable with that, don’t dance the tango.” He said it with the best interest in me. I knew that he was right, but somehow, I was deeply troubled within. I could only nod in dejection as he walked pass me to talk to Wei about this.

How I wish if I could be just a normal student. I have wanted to dance the tango for a long time. I have been talking about it to practically everyone I know. My future wish list actually included ‘learning how to ballroom dance’ with ‘tango’ just beside it.  However, I dared not move out from my comfort zone to the unknown. I was afraid of what the others will think of me. I was scared that I would make a fool of myself. 

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