Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's been quite a long time.
I know, my mental alarm clock had been ringing me for the past few weeks.
However, I do have a perfectly good reason to be so. Yeah...
I am busy
See? XD
Well, it's the start of the new sem, it takes lots of getting used to.
Firstly, I am more active.
Active in the sense that I am organizing an event PLUS I am performing.
Huhu, it's gonna be fun.
M glad and thankful that the ones beside me are as supportive as always.
---Here goes the thank yous speech---
To my parents and my family, being with you guys and being happy fuels me enough to face daily challenges.
To my dar, m thankful that you understand the little changes I am going through and choose to laugh with me whenever hardship may arise.
To my friends, thanks for being here with me. Although a close friend of mine suffered from a twist of fate, but believe that everything happens to make you stronger, and we will be there for ya, as always. =)

Come fly with me
Let's fly
Let's fly away

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rynn. said...

Chaboh! :D my new blog, not new, but changed link. =="

Its only for my friends so not many have the link :)

:) -ruilynn.