Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Personal Relationships make me =(

What is Personal Relationship (PR)?
By definition, relation between persons.
The dictionaries always make it sounds so simple...

I have been facing some problems while I was talking with others
I found out that I make mistakes while talking, then I'll only realize it when the other person twisted his/her face...
I guess I tend to talk before thought. Not a good thing definitely.

Just that day, I actually said "Study makes me half dead (as the Chinese would say it)" and I saw my friend beside me giving weird looks.
Then I remembered my friend lost a loved one lately. I feel real embarrassed.

Another recent case is that, I kindda accidentally mocked a sensitive friend by revealing her result in class. 
I guess she was mad because by the looks of it, she was not happy with it at all. 
I believe Asian are sometimes more kiasu than others, but if I were in her shoes, I would hate me too. =(

Yesterday, when my lecturer was asking the class about a replacement class, one of my friend told the lecturer that she can't make it to class because she has another class. 
Clever me actually went ahead and said "why don't you miss your class?" just because I was getting annoyed.
Hmm, I feel like a devil now, don't remind me. 

Eventually, I did apologize to some of my friends and, in a way, compensate the others.
A good thing is, I realize my mistakes (well, at least some of them) and I am willing to change.
I even bought some books on PR with my voucher. XD
All in all, THINK BEFORE YOU TALK, sometimes it does make a great change.

Signing off,


:: nia rashid :: said...

awww...dont be too harsh on urself. i honestly dont think it's entirely ur fault. ure just being u n nothing is wrong by being urself.

at least u apologised n im sure it came sincerely frm the heart right? sometimes we just cant help it to say things we meant. u cant please everyone seriously, just be u okay? *hugs*

Nath said...

but sometimes if you think too much it will make you appear as fake so just talk according to situation :)

净怡 said...

Its good to learn from mistakes^^

净怡 said...

Its good to learn from mistakes^^ All the best to u, my dear friend^^

Just Cool Gal said...

Thanks so much guys, if there was a like button here for every comment, i would surely rape it. XD