Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scumbag Malaysians

Been to Hatyai and back
It's one of the best experience ever~!
I went to
Hatyai market...

Hatyai floating market...

And of course, to the walks of Lee Garden

It was there in the walks of Lee Garden that I've got my Henna done!

It's funny to listen to the comments by Malaysians when we ( my cousins, bro and I) were getting our henna done.
#1  It's a fake tattoo
#2  The "needle" is not sanitary, there was this report about someone getting tattoo and died the other day
#3  Someone got AIDS after getting tattoo
#4  It looks very painful
#5  It's permanent.

#1  Henna is NOT a tattoo, for god's sake, it's one of the Indian's culture where henna is drawn on hands or bodies during special occasions, such as Deepavali.
#2  Henna does not require the use of "needle", the artist (I consider him so because he invents some of the drawings) used toothpicks to pick up coloring and to draw on us.
#3  One does not simply get AIDS by getting a Henna. Henna is something drew on the skin, not something inserted into it.
#4  No, it's not painful because I don't have the guts to do something painful to myself. @@ Okay, the toothpick is used to smear/shape the substance (Inai is it? Correct me if m wrong) on the skin. No Wendys were harm during the making of this Henna
#5  It is SO NOT permanent. I wish it were tho, it's such a nice art. It usually washes off after 7 to 10 days time.

It's kindda sad and unsettling to listen to some of us Malaysians blabbering about one of the richest Indian culture in Malaysia itself. To hear those negative stuff about henna in Hatyai is quite disappointing as we ourselves don't even understand our own culture, well, at least that of our Indian friends.

So the next time you see somebody by the road side drawing cool arts onto someone's hand or leg, be sure to get your facts right before despising others.
Cheers yo!


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