Friday, April 16, 2010


I saw a blog which inspire me to continue updating my blogs. She is 1 of the top in S'pore and she appeared in The Star on Monday! Wendy, Xiaxue. Link is under seriously recommended blogs. ^^

*我发现哦,世界上最幸福的事是吃排骨可以配合豆油的咸味入口,哇.... 赞!

*最近呀,天气好像不太好,班上的人不知不觉地找寻最-风-水的座位,我的位是要Book 的!

*我脱发了... TT


==== 我看到我的鸡鸡不对境,我又不会医治它,感觉好无助噢..
慎重重新考虑 veterinarian science! ====

||| The King Is Awake |||

Sometimes its a good thing, but sometimes not. So, m still waiting for a solution. I will remember what my friends told me. Aaron, I m Wendy Teh!!!!

~Fight Fight Fight~


【Huiyin】 said...

LOL.. ur blog changed!! GOOD one.. =)
hope that can see u update always.. hahaha..

Just Cool Gal said...

thx gurl!! bt change ler... cnt comment... i juz reset d setting.. @@ XDXD