Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally... I've started..

Ok, it's my first time, so cut some slack on me ya.. XD My first occurrence to start a blog, was actually, dare i say it, my MOM. Yep, my mom started blog waaaaaaaaay earlier than me, and i was starting to feel "OUT". (this coming from a teenager like me, omigosh..) I was impressed by the way you can let out your feels and views on a website personally made for you. (废话) So, finally many many long days of lazying, couch potato'ing, building castle in the sky, drooling and pig'ging, i've snapped out of my perfectly bored life and started this. If anyone would like to know me, i am just the girl next door, who knew how to play the electone, cooks distinguish meals, enjoy friend's company, family loving, not very fat and loves Michael Buble! (teenager's behaviour: like to boast) Hehe. Hey, you all out there, as they say in chinese, more more point teach! XD (多多指教,welcome any comment and suggestions)


tricia said...

hello just cool gal! i've added u on my blog ^^

Just Cool Gal said...

glad of it! bt m stil new... i dun even know hw 2 function it.. zz.. help needed! XD