Monday, June 19, 2017


First, I'll cut to the chase by skipping my usual 'sorry it's been a while' crap.
I have been working in a secondary school now as a permanent teacher, and the workload had really weighed me down a lil.
It's not easy to balance getting a Masters degree and simultaneously getting your day-to-day tasks checked.
However, I'm glad to say I am fortunate to have my family's full support and my bf's love to fuel me.
Announcement: I'm checking off my bucket list one by one!
Hahaha, sounds more like a big review, but I promise you it's legit... somewhat.
I don't really have a bucket list, so well, I sort of borrowed my bucket list from others.
It's all pretty similar, right? Doing things that you would like to do before you kick the bucket in the end...
FIRST, challenging my own fear of heights.
I'm going skydiving! Gahhhh!
Definitely sounds surreal to me ever since the minute I signed myself and a few of my friends up.
Well, that's the first of many to come.
Hopefully, I'll get the chance to update my blog more frequently.
Go Wendy! Whoooo!
-Self-cheering is so cheesy tho. But Yey Me!-
Till next time.
A recent Chinese Orchestra performance I've been to


With love,

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