Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Updates June

It's been ages since I've written.
Lemme give you some updates.
So I've just been to Taiwan last school holiday.
It was as fun as it was a touching journey as this trip was a graduation trip.
I've witnessed both my cousins' graduation and I am really proud of them.
To think, a couple of years back, we were all in our teens, just chilling and relaxing in front of the TV...
Time really does fly.
Fly - get it?

I love this googly dessert in 新竹

This is us in 六福村

Right after some roller coaster rides

Yey the famous 2 sided drink in Taiwan!

This is us at Taichung - DongHai U

Only monks here

Made to fit

Bought tonnes of these

Final day buffet was AWESOME!

One of the achievements I'm so proud of is the JSP marathon a few days back.
It was mandatory for teachers (me including) to take part, so my only intend was to finish the 6km.
I'm glad I have a few jogging partners with me, one of them being Angie.
So when the marathon began, I broke into small jogs, nothing serious, but she was already in full-on marathon mode, which surprised me.
So, being the fat ass I am, I started to take this jog/run a tad more seriously.
Well, I'm glad I did, cause I got NO25!
What what?!!

These peeps came by and visit me, was very happy to see them. 

After the race, feeling exhausted

Yey US!

Till next time people, 

Signing off

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