Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AmE vs BrE

No, you don't understand that (You can stop thinking of abbreviations now)
It stands for American English VS British English, something I am learning now. (literally, m writing when my lecturer is lecturing)
What's shocking is that we are so much integrated that it is quite hard to differentiate between the both.
I myself am facing problems with the both, which is very confusing...
Just to name a few:

Chips Vs French Fries
I thought chips=potato chips, thin sliced and crunchy, but it is actually French Fries in AmE!
Come to think of it, now I understand the concept of Fish and Chips.

Take Vs Have
Take a bath, have a bath; which is correct?
Both! Take a bath is the American way of speaking whereas have is the British way.

They are taken to hospital.
They are taken to the hospital
Yes it is confusing, but actually, the second one is AmE. 
Oiy, remembering the essays I corrected before this, I feel bad. 

Give it me/Give it to me
Another classic example of BrE and AmE
Somehow, the British delete 'to', which sounds weird to me, it sounds like baby talk.
Has he brought them you?

Why so?
Political, distinctiveness and culture. 
For me, I think it's because there is no single standardization since a long time ago.
Even if they do have them, it's internal, only among BrE or AmE themselves. 
So to say,

English is hard.

Signing off


rynn. said...

So chim one... ><

Just Cool Gal said...

hehe, nice to hear from ya! damn chim. = = was doing this post on the spot. so, welcome to a day in the English for Professionals course in USM. X)

Rynna said...

HAHAHHAHAH... yer. now only i see tiok this comment. hahaha... but u seemed to be loving this course neh! :) I will die to learn all these D: year 1 finished, but i feel like i have learned nothing D:

Just Cool Gal said...

hehe, i would say, not bad. X) awww, why so my dear? is everything okay?