Saturday, April 30, 2011

Slow Life

The days were slow
My progress is getting slow too
I blame it on my hormonal levels
But I got to enjoy more this week
Well let’s see

I went to Tesco on Wednesday
Went to Wonderful on Thursday
Went to music class on Friday
Went to Jusco and Autocity on Saturday

I watched more than 4 episodes of CSI
Watched a few documentaries about the universe
Watched many youtube videos
Watched 3 awesome dance movies

I ate at a Korean restaurant yesterday
Ate the famous beef koay tiao the day before that
Ate at Lohas 2 days before that
Ate my fav cornflakes with fresh milk 3 days before that

Huh, I have nothing to complain
Except for my lack of progress in work
Still getting myself together
To brace for my future
And I am thankful
Thankful for having such a loving family
Thankful for having ys to share my world with
Thankful for everything I had
Thankful for my blessed life

(argh, i m so aching to go to the beach, all ur fault ys)


【Huiyin】 said...

you stole my picture! (the slow road) XD hahaha... joke~ by the way, I want to get the CSI movie from you, when do you think is possible to meet up again? XD or maybe i straight go your house? =) it's easier...

Just Cool Gal said...

leli ahhh? aduidui so paise leh~ >< csi i watch frm axn de... haha. tyy's gathering??? @@ haha