Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cam whoring with bro and Poof! Electricity was off....

This is me,
being happy after a nice day at the library studying
(ps, no it's not that happy, but REAL enjoyable! )
Then someone creep up from behind....
And I was like, what the heck
Let him IN
He was like YEAH crazy
I was like stay serious,
come let's take a smiley-face-photo
Then he went over board....
And i was like OH that Devil~~
He was like, Hey look, i'm cool~
I was like oh okay, i can be cool too~
I think.....
So basically, we were both C-R-A-Z-Y
Whooo, this is yucky. Haha

Then, Poof!
Total darkness!
Back in my room..
This doesn't work anymore....
This too......
So i was like, BORING.....
Oh well, back to old fashion study i guess
Diary left and a book my bro threw me right
I was VERY Hardworking that night...

Friday, November 26, 2010



Thursday, November 18, 2010

After Rain (To Yen Kee)

what if you were threw with sorrow?
not just ordinary sorrow...
it's like losing-a-great-friend sorrow
grieve or prayers?
it's not the 1st time i've lost a friend
but i feel sad
her name was yen kee prefect
it was 3 years ago when she had leukimia
when it's cancer
everything in the world goes by in slow motion
light and dark were all faded
day and night were only time ticking away
but what i admire about her
is her way of saying NO
No, she would not live and let life get through her
No, she would not bow down to illness
No, she is still hopeful
No, she believe life have much more to offer
No, she makes her everyday meaningful by not being in bed
No, she smiles in the face of devil
It it the strength in her that touched us
we see her through her eyes
life can be a colorful rainbow when rain falls
it is cheap hope that brought her till yesterday
and it is cheap hope that will bring us further
After thought:
I feel
life is fragile
we cannot control when it would be the end
maybe tomorrow?
maybe the day after?
maybe we'd drown?
maybe we'd be in an accident?
no one knows
and it is because of that
life is beautiful
they say live your life to the fullest
live like there's no tomorrow
live like you were dying
i say live life your way
the way you would want it to end/continue
so what if you had a bad day
so what if you had a great day
life has always been in cycles
embrace now
and live
instead of survive
to dear yen kee prefect
yesterday you were freed
we are sad as well as happy
God love you more than us
It's time for you to go on
It is a great loss for us
your love
your strength
your hope
will stand by us
guide us
and inspire us

RIP yen kee prefect

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bukit Mertajam - My Home Town

Bukit Mertajam is the capital of Central Seberang Perai, Penang, Malaysia. It is commonly known as BM among its locals.
(Wiki definition up there~)
M glad someone did this nice video bout BM.
The art, the interesting places n most important, the food!
I love BM n m gonna miss it if i leave someday

Friday, November 5, 2010

But It's Funny!!!

Okay, i was bored...
Cute pictures won't harm right?

Last but not least!
Hahahaha! My fav!
Enjoy your day yoh!
Ps, i would be silent for a while
Ya noe...
Exam so and so~
I'm suppose to STUDY
Good luck then
Peace off
Just Cool Gal