Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cam whoring with bro and Poof! Electricity was off....

This is me,
being happy after a nice day at the library studying
(ps, no it's not that happy, but REAL enjoyable! )
Then someone creep up from behind....
And I was like, what the heck
Let him IN
He was like YEAH crazy
I was like stay serious,
come let's take a smiley-face-photo
Then he went over board....
And i was like OH that Devil~~
He was like, Hey look, i'm cool~
I was like oh okay, i can be cool too~
I think.....
So basically, we were both C-R-A-Z-Y
Whooo, this is yucky. Haha

Then, Poof!
Total darkness!
Back in my room..
This doesn't work anymore....
This too......
So i was like, BORING.....
Oh well, back to old fashion study i guess
Diary left and a book my bro threw me right
I was VERY Hardworking that night...


ken said...

i hate blackouts.. cannot do anything then.. lol

*敏* said...

u made me believe that u r realllllllyyyyy bored !!!!!!!!!!!