Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Leng Lui Debate

It's been a while
Let's talk
Today I was talking with my mom
and something struck me
(nono, i don't mean literally)
So why is it that pretty ladies,
a.k.a. the lengluis
have a slight advantages over the norm?
Well, I'd start by defining the term lenglui...
1) People see them in the street, and patah balik to see them again
2) The norm: Helo aunty
Aunty: What u wan?
The lengluis: Helo aunty
Aunty: Yaya, how may I help you?
3) Uncles would look THE LOOK at them, then whistle
They are good looking and universe attracting
Sure they would stand a better chance out
The chinese would say
Don't judge a book by its cover
Phah, easier said than done!
Even I would like to talk to lengluis
(if compared to weirdos or gaga types..)
It's the natural selection thingy
(sorry Darwin, this is real true in this human environment)
It's a cold hard fact
Lengluis won in First Impression
Now, where does the norm stand???
Does it mean they will never have market values?
(Blame my friends taking economy)
Nope actually
I am an average girl
(above average actually, haha)
So I've learnt that by being confident and optimistic
You can really strike out
(quaky stuff, i know)
It's all in the way you carry yourself
You too,
can become a lenglui!

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