Friday, October 9, 2009

For our Yen Kee prefect

Guess mny of u ady noe bout yen kee prefect d situation; emails and facebook, word on the streets and even the newspaper... it's true that she needs the money for her operation. We've got d privilage to visit her lately and i think, she is very brave. She was smilling whn we chat and not even a hint or trace of uncomfortness or sadness... I do admire her spirit and i do hope that we all too, are strong and willing to give help to our beloved prefect. I saw mny of my frens hu r vry helpful and thy reli do try their vry bez to help her. I m touched and i wil gladly join in their fight and contribute more effort. Tis was our hui yin prefect's blog showing her care, 颜绮学长,加油! Plz do visit and help our yen kee prefect as much as possible! We wish you luck, we hope alongside with you, for better or worst, you'l always got us, even when you are sad or tired, don't lose faith, we fight, together! Yen kee prefect, gambate!!!

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