Friday, August 14, 2009

@ my 废话

i sincerly ask ya'all passing thru tis blog, Y IS IT A MUST TO SEE AT LEAST 1 PPL POSTING A BLOG TITTLED "PRESSURED" WHN I SIGN IN MY BLOG DASHBOARD??? the weird part is, it happened every week... zzzzz~ Guys, and gals, i truly blive life cn b better without excessive complains... sure... we mumble a lot whn our math teacher miraculously enter our clz even whn we r using "the secret's" law of attraction, hoping he is on mc or meeting... well, at least i do. thn i do complain 2 whn i got 104 nametags to complete, 2 sistem demerit namelist and mount. everest load of homeworks to finish.. bt still, i drag myself to school and make it a point to smile everyday. example, here---> ;] XDXD frens, m sure life ain't that bad.. although there r teachers who mentioned that entering form6 means we can never have a normal life... hmm. mayb she did have a point there... bt stil... XD gambate na! i m sure we all cn do it... ps, exam's round d corner. we r having exam at early october. got roughly 1 month n 2 weeks.. work hard yo!! ^^

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