Friday, November 13, 2009

Farmville madness!

my mom's farm... 2 big ler... hehe

my farm! nice nice red tulips ready 4 harvest! ^^
farmville famrville farmville~~~ every1's so crazy bout it... hehe. i was introduced 2 it by---- my mom... kakax. she was ady level 5 or 6 whn i 1st started... let me say, it was crazy! ok. tis is d way we played it. we send each other gift, build our farms, harvest a lot, buy qq animals, visit other ppl's farm n earn mny money! hehe. it's an artificial farming experience, whereby d crops are harvested in matter of days.... hehe. thn there was some poor animals 2 b adopted, buildings to buy, vehicals and decorative items 2 purchase... hehe. it's fun whn u got d company 2 ply facebook games. my mom was shouting to me when she 1st bought her harvester, her seeder, her dairy farm, her animals, n pratically everything in farmville~ hehe. how nice... then, urged by her n more importantly, the need 2 catch up 2 her, i was into it deep 2... hehe. i cn say, mny are starting to get hooked on to tis game, i even saw our teachers ********shhhhhhhhhh********** harvesting using d school computers..... it was reli crazy! hehe. any1 hu's reading should try d game... it'l b fun guranteed! hehe. ^^