Sunday, June 24, 2012

This is MY challenge!

Being obese is not 'okay' or 'acceptable'.
You have a health problem, you go ahead and solve it!
Do not wait until time runs out then only you fret.

I've lost some weight using Herbalife products, satisfied with the results.
The next step, tuning my body!
Flat tummy is not enough, I want a tummy with shape with muscle and with cool abs
THIS is my challenge!

It's my turn now! YEA BABE!

Let's see if this works.
Time period? I say, maybe a month or so. 
Signing off,

My target:


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Post addiction post: Instant noodles

Hi. My name is Wendy from Penang. And I used to be addicted to instant noodles.
Whooo, what a relieve to say, I finally did it! I conquered my addictions, bedded it and threw it out like yesterday's b*tch!

---------------------------------------My history----------------------------------------
When I was young, I was known as 面婆 by my ah ma, it means "noodle lady".
(let me say, the Mandarin version of it sounds more brutal than the English one)
So the legend goes.
I ate a packet of instant noodles at least once a week.

Longest strike:
When my family and I went to a Malacca trip, I ate instant noodles for 2 meals (not including supper yet). Finished 7 cup noodles in that 3 day trip. I am NOT proud of it.

Worst experience:
It was the time of exam back in 2008, I was having a trial paper for SPM. I was tensed and instant noodle (at that time) was my relieve. I ate 4 packets of instant noodles for 3 consecutive lunch plus a Friday breakfast that week.

------------------------------------Fighting the addiction-------------------------------------
I had a great gang of friends back then; they insulted, forced, blackmailed, and even threatened me to get rid of the habit. But the warning was easily waved off by me. It only managed to make me feel guilty everytime I ate instant noodle, not to the extend of stopping it. But, my 5S3 girls out there, I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS!

It was with Sheng that made me snap. He... Wasn't nice to me about it at all. Instead of the usual "don't eat that, it's bad...", he went on being sweet and encouraging... Reverse psychology, I refer to it as. " Go ahead, eat more, you'll feel the breeze after all your hair drop off anyway". That was hurtful and demoralizing, but it did the trick. I had only 4 packets of instant noodles in Sem 1, and ZERO in sem 2 (which is this sem)! I was clean for approx a year!!!

Now, my hair grew back and I substitute my addictions with something else, usually shakes, mushroom soup (seldom), fruits and others. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

Why was I writing this post?
It's the exam season, and that's when you can smell the smell of instant noodles everywhere around the corridor. I walked past room after room of instant noodle smells and I smiled to myself. I did it. =)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can it be? A flat tummy?!

Well, it came to me as a shock.
I have been drinking Herbalife shakes for a while now.
Besides the losing weight part, I didn't notice any changes to my body...
Not until today...
I was taking a bath when, instead of my usual bulge in my tummy, I feel nothing.
I would not say it is totally flat, but as compared to my old "pregnant with 2 months old" tummy, it is a major change!
And of course, the sit ups I do (thanks to a certain someone who dared me to do it - yes, it's nys) did help.

AFTER: These were taken today 08/06/2012 11:12
Messy room I know, it's study week, I've been studying. @@
I'm still ashamed of some of my pics, cut me some slack. ><

Pictures or it did not happen?

BEFORE: Above were taken on 27/4/2012 09:30

Imma happy happy soul! X)
Thin me, peace out!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Me Artsta!

Baby you're a firework... by ~justcoolgal on deviantART

Drew by my roommie and me. yea!

Packing! by ~justcoolgal on deviantART

I'm going home y'all! Study week, better get started on my packing. =)

Enjoy guys.