Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friendly Batty Visit (literally!)

I was studying (not really)
when my dad called me to the balcony
He said, look... The crows are attacking the bat..
I was like WHAT??!!
But I looked.
The bat hanging up side down in the tree outside my house.
The naughty crows (2 of them) looking at it hungrily.
Then all of the sudden, they attacked!
The bat flew around and then fell in the drain opposite my house...
I ran down and shooed the crows away.
Then my dad brought fishing nets and so we scooped the poor bat up.
Put it in the cage to release him at night.
There it was!
It was a very cute bat...
It was panicky at first...
But it calmed a lot after...
My bro told me it was just a baby.
It has those innocent eyes.....
But such a CUTE voice!
Like a squeaky toy!! XD
This was after a few hours...
When it calmed a lot...
It was hanging upside down again,
in it's most comfortable position.
We're going to release it tonight!
Wish it luck!
Photos below are taken for fun
The plant we planted finally flowered!
Red flowers!
It was a sight!
Kindda like paper foldings!
The zoomed version..
It was a bit blur.
But I like it!
Batty officially released!
Have a great life bat!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


By So Many Things In Life
It's like, I feel the energy
I am so young
Capable of changing THE WORLD!
I may not be the first in everything
But m gonna FULLY UTILIZE my talents
SaY BeIng a MusiCian or EvEn JuST GiVing CraZy IdEAs
I wanna do SOMETHING in life
I wanna achieve something great!
Before i forget this
M gonna say it out on BOLD
that is what i want

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heading to Alor Setar! (Crystal hill and Paddy field)

It was Saturday.
I was rushing up and down going to my school's ceramah and stuff.
Then my mom sms'ed me and told me our family was to go out on a trip.
I was like, WHAT? This time of the day?
But i went home, bathed and get my gear up.
We're going to Alor Setar!
Here i am, the outfit of the day.
Sleeveless for easier movements and to keep cool!
Dress for elegance (going to another function at night,
will update that part in the next post!)
We stop by Chai Leng Park for lunch..
At my FAV Hokkien Mee store there!
The side dishes!
Hokkien mee, I can never live pass a weekend without them!!!
Yummy nia~ XDXD
This is MY BOWL! Muahahaha~
Then it was on the highway........
I've fainted then and there,
you know, m full and there's a long way ahead...
When i woke up, look what i saw...
OMG, where's the bandar bandar?
Where is the traffic?
Doi, I'm in Alor Setar!
look, the petrol station is soooooo different from ours...
Paddy fields surround us...
It was like another planet to me....
(But FYI, this paddy field had already been harvested. Hehe)
Haha, Playing around with my hp cam..
our car was speeding and i was taking pictures of vehicals passing by~
There, our 1st destination!
Visit to the Crystal Hill!!
It was off limits to us actually, just that we went to many crystal stores there...
Crystal stall #1
Crystal store #2
These are all the crystals on display...
They look nothing much huh~
Bunch of rocks and stuff.... BUT
When you feel them, you actually feel the coolness of the rocks...
They say these rocks actually give out magnetic fields and mystical auras!
See? On display!
They come in different shapes and sizes.
They are in a lump because they originated from rocks in the hills!
My mommy looking at some crystals!
We brought along our whole family that day! XD
All different shapes and sizes~
All for sale!
These are some of the different crystals.
Some of their mystical powers and stuff.
Sorry it's kindda blur..
These rocks, are actually imported.. Haha~
This one is the one my dad had his eyes on. Crystals from Peru!
Many souveneirs on sale...
There we are, choosing... XD
We bought quite a lot of stuff that day~
A pink crystal bracelet for Rm5!
Nice leh?
The 7 charkeras!
Nice necklace~ My mom bought it. XD
Little Nick enjoying too! Hehe
This is from store #3
It's like a big clump of clay to me.
But it's very valuable.
This one is from a different angle.
It looks like an elephant, no? XD
This one, according to the shop keeper is called
The Laughing Buddha~
If you wash your hands and make a wish while rubbing the stones,
your wishing will come true!
Our 'rombongan' there.
Admiring the stones.
The shop keeper is being very nice.
He explained many of the methods of keeping the crystals 'alive' to us.
So we know, crystals can actually 'grow'!
They are to be kept in cool and closed spaces to prevent oxidation
They are not to be immersed in waters
And salt waters are not to be sprayed on them
If the water contain chlorine,
better leave it for a few days before putting it beside of the crystal
There's me! (the weather's quite hot actually)
There's a few houses near the crystal hill~
Life there is very simple~
See? a little kitty! XD
I heard that's the way up to the hills~
This is how they play their chess! By coke caps!
A river by the bend.....
Two cats playing around~
And there's crystals all over their place!
Maybe it's the excess ones lah,
after they crave their crystals to be put on sale. XD
Ahhhh~ The paddy field.... So peaceful~
It's like a scene from the TVs~
There's my mi! XD
We took some samples of the paddys.
Weird, this is actually the 1st time i notice how does a paddy look like~
It has curly curly stuff at the end and the rices are actually quite heavy~
Paddy on my skirt~
And my bros removed some rice from them.
Very tiny and immatured rices... XD
Look, ScareCrows!! XD
There's me in the car, kindda tired.
And so this is my Alor Setar trip~
Do wait for my 2nd post bout my trip in Alor Setar!